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"Black Activist New York."

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July 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Harlem’s historic “Silent Parade,” when over 10,000 Black New Yorkers marched in protest of anti-black lynching and other forms of violence. In commemoration of that event and the larger movement it represented, and in recognition of the historical trajectory from it to the current moment and movement for Black Lives, the theme for the 2017 Summer Teachers and Scholars Institute (STSI) will be

“Black Activist New York.” During our STSI, New York will serve as a case study and we will speak more broadly about how it sets the stage for subsequent movements in other areas and cities throughout the STSI. 

 Sunday July 9 to Friday July 14, 2017
Institute for Research in African-American Studies 
Columbia Unversity 
 New York, New York
Summer Teachers  and  Scholars  Institute
Summer Teachers  and  Scholars  Institute

Institute for Research

in African-American


This Summer Institute offers what few others are able: the opportunity to study Black Activism  through the lens of New York, and in New York. 
"STSI made me aware of the fact that I am not alone, that I have colleagues and friends all over New YorkCity and all over the country doing amazing dynamic work that advances the interests of those in our community." 2015 STSI Participant
Images from STSI 2015 and 2016. Learn more about the STSI experience and our cohorts here. 

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